italian_porphyry_company_cube_drawingitalian_porphyry_company_cube_fan_patternCubes are the traditional paving material for streets and public open spaces in many Italian cities and are famous for the fan pattern in which they are often laid.

Cubes add warmth and prestige to any scheme including public street and paving works, commercial forecourts and entrance-ways  restaurant courtyards, private homes – patios and gardens.

The upper surface is a natural finish, without excessive roughness so is comfortable to foot traffic . Cubes are generally used to pave roads and pavements, entrances or pedestrian avenues and squares subject to heavy traffic.The cubes are obtained by mechanical splitting, corners vary depending on the type. They are classified into different sizes (which may correspond to different uses) that is determined by the thickness of the original stone plate from which they are produced.

Cubes are traditionally supplied in mixed colours ranging through Reds, Browns and Greys with some Purples and Greens. Selected colours are also available.

Standard sizes:  40-60mm, 60-80mm, 80-100mm, 100-120mm, 120-140mm, 140-180mm

italian_porphyry_company_cube_star italian_porphyry_company_cube_star2italian_porphyry_company_cube_streetPorphyry_Cubes_Sundialitalian_porphyry_company_cube_pileitalian_porphyry_company_cube_aerial

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