The Ethical Source for Sustainable Stone

Porphyry_worker_trentoWelcome to Italian Porphyry (part of The Ethical Stone Company) the essential resource for sustainable stone – for architects, landscape architects, designers, fabricators, and all specifiers. We specialise in porphyry stone that is:

  • Fully traceable

  • Lower in CO2 emissions during extraction and working

  • Governed by laws that ensure the wellbeing of stone workers

  • Quarried in a way that limits the long-term environmental impact

But it’s not only the ethical values that make Italian Porphyry so special. Porphyry stone has an incredible heritage and distinctive geology – appreciated for centuries in cities such as Verona, Venice, Florence and Rome.  Originally prized for its deep purple tone (the colour of royalty in the Roman Empire) it also comes in a broad colour palette ranging from blues and greys, through to greens, browns, reds and purples.

Whether you choose Italian Porphyry for a public, commercial or home project – you’ll be adding something aesthetically stunning and unique that will last for centuries.

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