Porphyry Forecourt / Private House, Beaconsfield

500m2 driveway and car pool. Groundworks carried out by Richard Clark Building.

Technical info: In addition to being an aesthetic solution,  the entire carpool area suffered from a serious drainage issue, causing water run-off to cascade into surrounding patio and garden areas. The new porphyry driveway was laid onto a bed of free draining Steintec Tuffgrit, with joints of the same material.  The entire carpool area now acts as a drain and soak-away — filtering water before it reaches surrounding areas — as well as a visual delight to compliment the English brickwork of the property.

The installation work was carried out over a two week period. The porphyry cubes were laid by hand by two Italian artisans from the Trento region of northern Italy.

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Elevated 51072 Elevated 4973 Elevated 2Close Up Section 5712Gate 5179House Background 5304Close Up Section 5726

Gates 5338Near Gate detail 5162Section 5559Walled Garden 5768Walled Garden 5742Section Wet 5443

Section Wet part polarised 5479Section 5222

Italian Porphyry Rolls RoyceNear Gate detail 5137

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